DETROIT (AP) — Two people died when their vehicle collided with an Amtrak train while trying to outrun it, Detroit police said.

Detroit Police Chief James White said the victims of the crash early Monday were a young woman from Novi and a young man from Wixom, both in their 20s. Their names haven't been released.

“Just horrible, horrible. Tragic . . . did not have to happen. This drag racing, drifting situation is absolutely unacceptable. I don’t understand that level of recreation and danger,” White said.

White said officers were dispersing drag racers and one vehicle sped away and tried to beat the train.

Amtrak issued a statement saying, "There were no reports of injuries to the 102 passengers, 5 crew members or 1 road foreman on board. Amtrak is working with local law enforcement to investigate the incident.”

The Detroit crash occurred on the same day an Amtrak train collided with dump truck in Missouri, killing four people.